Who Sells Asics Shoes

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Who Sells Asics Shoes

Asics is a well-known brand for quality sportswear, and their shoes are no exception. So who sells Asics shoes?

The most obvious answer is that Asics sells their own shoes directly through their website and retail stores. However, you can also find Asics shoes for sale at a variety of other retailers, both online and offline.

Some of the larger online retailers that carry Asics shoes include Amazon, Zappos, and Runners Warehouse. You can also find Asics shoes at a number of physical retail stores, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hibbett Sports, and Foot Locker.

It’s worth noting that Asics’s shoes are also available through a number of third-party resellers, such as eBay and Craigslist. So if you’re looking for a specific style or size that’s not available through the usual retailers, you may be able to find it through one of these third-party sources.

Overall, Asics shoes are available at a variety of different retailers, both online and offline. So if you’re looking for a pair of Asics shoes, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them.

Are ASICS recommended by podiatrist?

Are ASICS recommended by podiatrist?

ASICS are a brand of shoes that are often recommended by podiatrists. This is because they are designed to provide good support and cushioning for the feet, which can help to prevent or alleviate problems such as plantar fasciitis.

If you are experiencing problems with your feet, it is a good idea to speak to a podiatrist, who can advise you on the best type of shoes to wear. ASICS are a good option, but there are also other brands that can be recommended. It is important to find a pair of shoes that fit well and provide good support, as this can help to prevent injuries and other problems.

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What does ASICS stand for?

ASICS is an acronym for the Japanese company, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. The company designs and manufactures sports shoes and apparel.

The company was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The name is derived from the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, which translates to “A sound mind in a sound body”.

The company is best known for its running shoes, and sponsors a number of athletes and sports teams, including the Japanese Olympic team.

Are ASICS a good shoe brand?

Are ASICS a good shoe brand?

There is no simple answer to this question. ASICS are a good shoe brand for some people and not so good for others. It really depends on what you are looking for in a shoe and what type of activity you will be using them for.

ASICS are a good brand for people who are looking for a shoe that is durable and provides good support. They are also a good choice for people who need a shoe that is good for neutral pronation. However, ASICS are not the best choice for people who are looking for a lightweight shoe or who need a lot of cushioning.

Overall, ASICS are a good shoe brand and are a good choice for a number of activities. If you are looking for a durable, supportive shoe, then ASICS are a good option.

Is ASICS an American brand?

ASICS is a Japanese brand that produces running shoes and other sportswear. However, the company has a number of factories in the United States, and many of its shoes are designed and marketed to American consumers. For this reason, some people consider ASICS to be an American brand.

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Are ASICS good for standing all day?

Are ASICS good for standing all day?

ASICS are a type of sneakers that are designed for runners. They are made to be lightweight and provide good cushioning and support for your feet. This makes them a good option for people who have to stand all day, as they can help to prevent fatigue and discomfort.

However, not all ASICS sneakers are created equal. Some are better suited for standing all day than others. If you are looking for a pair of ASICS to wear for extended periods of time, it is important to choose a model that has good arch support and cushioning.

If you are unsure about which ASICS sneakers are best for standing all day, be sure to speak with a sales associate at your local running store. They will be able to help you find a pair of sneakers that will provide the support you need.

What brand of sneakers do podiatrists recommend?

There are a number of different sneakers on the market that are designed to provide support and cushioning for the feet. When looking for a sneaker to wear, it is important to consider the type of activity you will be participating in. If you are a runner, you will need a sneaker that offers good arch support and shock absorption. If you are a walker, you may want to consider a sneaker with a softer cushioning.

When it comes to sneakers for people with foot problems, podiatrists often recommend shoes from the brand New Balance. New Balance sneakers are designed with exclusive technologies that help to correct foot pronation, which can lead to pain in the feet and ankles. They also offer a variety of widths to accommodate a variety of foot shapes, and some of their sneakers are even designed for people with diabetes or arthritis.


If you are looking for a new pair of sneakers, it is a good idea to consult with your podiatrist to see if they recommend any specific brands or models.

Are ASICS made in China?

Are ASICS made in China?

There is a lot of debate surrounding this topic, as there is no definite answer. However, a lot of people seem to think that ASICS are, in fact, made in China. This is because a lot of the factories that produce ASICS are located in China.

However, it is important to note that not all ASICS are made in China. In fact, some of the higher-end ASICS shoes are made in Japan. So, it really depends on the model and brand of the ASICS shoe.

That being said, it is generally believed that the lower-end ASICS shoes are made in China, while the higher-end shoes are made in Japan. If you’re looking for a quality pair of ASICS shoes, it’s best to buy a pair that is made in Japan. However, if you’re on a budget, you may want to consider buying a pair of ASICS shoes that are made in China.